Jack had his first culinary exposure at the early age of 16 when he was accepted as cook at a rotisserie restaurant. It was then that Jack quickly realized his interest in food wasn't just a spark anymore, but it had grown into something much greater. A love and passion for food had developed.  Having to have attended Humber Collage for Culinary, Jack has spent this last 8 years cooking his way through the  fine dining kitchens of Toronto, Canada with his focuses on Modern French Cuisine and French pastries.
In 2010, Jack’s studied at French pastries in Chicago at the renowned French Pastry School, with M.O.F Chef Sebastien, World Champaign Chef Dimitri, World Champaign Chef En-Ming, and other top French pastry chefs.  And in 2011, still young, Chef Jack eagerly returns to Taiwan to continue to share his passion for food in both French cuisine and French pastries.

 Jack十六歲那年在一家烤肉店工作時與烹飪有了第一次的接觸,也正是在那個時候Jack意識到他對食物的興趣不僅僅是曇花一現,而是發展成對食物的強烈愛好與熱情。進入Humber College接受廚藝訓練後,接下來的八年,Jack在加拿大多倫多的高級餐廳裡專攻現代法國料理與法式糕點。

在2010年,Jack前往芝加哥著名的法國糕點學校再進修,並接受如法國M.O.F.廚師Sebastien, 世界冠軍名廚Dimitri與En-Ming等多位頂尖法國糕點主廚的指導。而在2011年,依然年輕的廚師Jack渴望回到台灣並繼續與大家分享他對法國料理與法式糕點的熱愛。

My thoughts on cooking and my life:

Jack: "The great culinary experience is all but selfish. It is an experience that will drive you out of this world, and bring you the utmost high of a life time. It is also an experience that will pound you down to the core, where weren't it not for true love and passion of the culinary arts, one would most definitely have thrown in the towel. Whichever the case may be, the culinary experience often leads to the humbling acknowledgement that food and cooking were meant to be shared. To be enjoyed amongst the company of friends and loved ones"



There's just something about wearing a chef uniform, clean whites, blue aprons and kitchen shoes that makes me smile. With every sparkle of an idea, followed by notes of  harmonic flavors, and onto the sizzling pan. I am my own creations in the kitchen I dominate. I am free.

每每穿上廚師服,潔淨的白色;靛青藍的圍裙及工作鞋時,嘴角總是不禁揚起笑意,此時,Idea就會如靈光乍現般出現,伴隨著和諧的味道, 滋滋作響的鐵板......,我在屬於我自己的地盤上,恣意創,作天馬行空......

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